Eventula Launch



Feb 14 — 1 min read

So it begins... I'm finally at a position where I think I can launch Eventula & the ECO system properly in it's forever home. Can't begin to describe how nervous I am.

The plan is to launch this weekend and announce it to the world on Monday. I have a few places to put some posts out so fingers crossed I get some good feedback. I know full well I'll be having to modify and change things, UX for example. I can almost guarentee that I'll have to re write how the API Scraping works and no doubt a lot of people asking for help if they actually sign up.

I still have lots to do prior to the launch; emails, T&Cs, SLAs for example and then I have more to do when it goes live. But 'Phase 2' can wait until I actually have paying customers. I've spent too much time on this now with no financial return and I've neglected other areas of my life to get it to the position it is now.

Massive thanks to all that helped me get to this point though. Special thanks to Paul and Sonny of TheLanProject & Matt of IronLan for the feedback and testing. You were good Guinea pigs :)

Stay tuned for more - I'll be doing a full write up of the infrastructure for those tech nerds out there.

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