Servers are Live!



Feb 17 — 2 mins read

It is done my son...

Pushed the servers and configs to production. Booted all the nessecary infrastructure (For Phase 1) and now moving towards running a few tests before the final big push out to the world! I cannot begin to describe how nervous I am with the whole ordeal. No doubt some bugs will be found but so long as I'm vigilant I should be ok... Right?

Some things to note though - GoDaddy Bait and Switched me on the Email Forwarding. They do NOT offer email forwarding. Which is how I wanted to do my emails for Eventula. 1 2 3 Reg my other Domain registar offers it so I could transfer if I wanted. In the end I opted to at least try out teh GSuite Solution from Google. We use if for LanOps however I am not in charge of that account. It seems fairly good.

Digital Ocean Managed Databases will NOT support my infrastructure. I was hoping on leveraging the awesomeness that is managed databases but no dice. Not a high enough MariaDB Version Supported as well as some weird fuckery with users having to be entered through DO's webgui instead of CLi.

Ah well onwards and upwards. I did manage to find a new band new band to listen to while I was doing this. Mycelia - The name is pretty apt for the band. A weird proggy, djenty, chunky, crunchy, black metaly weird band. Oh and it has some Jazz, Scat, Trance and Folk thrown in for shits.

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