It's a Hobby. We don't run this for profit.

Myself and all the staff are essentially volunteers. We don't get paid, everything we make goes back into the events. Because we love running them that much.

LanOps Hobby

17 Years. And no signs of slowing.

I pride myself on the amount of time LanOps has been running. I started it in a Scout Hut with no internet, now we run 4 bonded internet lines. LanOps may not be the biggest LAN, but biggest isn't always bestest!

LanOps 17 Years

Experience. It pathed the way for my career.

I started LanOps when I was around 13. From there I learnt networking and started building my own server for LanOps. Then we needed a website, so I learnt HTML and PHP and hacked together a site. That then spurred me on to get a University Degree in Computer Networking.

LanOps Career

Community. It's the best bit.

The amount of friends that I and everyone else has met through LanOps is amazing. It's honestly one of the best bit about LanOps.

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